I have over 4 years of commercial Web Development experience, along with my degree, I have a broad range of skills, ranging from Frontend Development, Anayltical Skills to Design.

Frontend Development

When creating Frontend user interfaces, I aim to create a good experience for users on any kind of device by adopting a progressive enhancement approach, while adopting the latest web technologies. I focus on writing clean semantic markup with good backward browser compatibilitity. Below is a list of some of the Frontend tools I have had experience with:

Backend Development

I have commercial experience of working within a development team, along with the developers specialising in the backend, so naturally I have picked up some skills in this area. These range from working within (mainly MVC), as well as some PHP in my own time. This has helped me to gain the experience in bridging the gap between front and backend.


Being focused mainly on Frontend Development, naturally I have been involved with various design teams, from working with UX with Personas creation and user flow, to implementing the finer design details with UI teams. I also have experience with the Adobe Design Suite, which has included creating CSS sprites, and Email Campaigns.

Other Skills

Moving away from the core Web Development skills and design, I also have skills with other tools adopted in a development team. I have over 2 years experience of working within a Scrum Agile team, where I have conducted daily standups, sprint planning and retrospectives. I've also worked heavily with Analytic teams in implementing tags throughout users journeys, using Google Analytics. To collaborate with other developers, I have experience in using the version control system Git.